Letter from Co-Owner Dan Astrup

People are our Priority

I believe the sign of a great company is in how it treats people and maintains relationships. Astrup Drug has a long history of treating people with honesty, respect and dignity. From 1952 to today, though many things have changed, this has not: we continuously strive to live our values, providing our customers with the best service possible and our employees a safe, professional, enjoyable place to work.

Our Purpose, Mission and Values statement is our way of saying to the world: "This is how we do business. Hold us to it."

It was obvious from the beginning that PEOPLE—each other, our customers, our communities—are at the heart of our company. They are, in fact, why we exist. I have always believed that the "little things make a big difference." Healthier lives and caring relationships are our PURPOSE.

Our MISSION describes how we turn our company goals into action. For us, it means that we will do everything within our power to provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers. We believe strongly in the independent pharmacy community. The better we can be, the better we can help all independent pharmacies to be.

Our CORE VALUES are non-negotiable and guide us in every decision we make. These values—treating people right, being accountable for our actions, continuously growing and improving, and not resting on our laurels—are what set us apart as a company.

Taking care of our customers is more important now than it has ever been. We are very proud of our long history in pharmacy but our goal is to continuously improve. As an owner, and fellow pharmacist, I look forward to your feedback on how we can better serve you.


Dan Astrup