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Reading Your Statement: Your statement shows the date, invoice #, due date, amount, transaction type, and the account balance.

Balance Forward: The balance from the previous billing cycle.

Payments: The amount of payments received toward the account in the current billing cycle.

Copay: This notes that insurance has been billed, and this is the remaining amount due by you.

Credits: A credit amount on the statement will show in parenthesis, e.g. ($0.00).

Total Due: The total balance due on your account as of the date after any previous payments or credits were applied.

Payment Reference: Payment in full is due each month. If you have an outstanding balance, payments are applied to the oldest outstanding balance first. If the amount paid is greater than or equal to the oldest invoice, then that invoice is paid in full and the remainder is applied to the next invoice, etc. If the payment (after being applied to the oldest complete invoices that were due) does not pay off an invoice in full, the partial payment amount is deducted from the invoice. The payment due date will always bet he 25th of the month following that in which the charges were made (unless the 25th is on a Saturday or Sunday, then payment will be due that following Monday). Further credit cannot be extended, and your account will be terminated if your balance is not paid in full within 90 days. You will remain responsible for your full balance and all applicable fees. Consistent or frequent failure to pay your balance in full by the due date will result in termination of your account. To ensure your payment is applied to your account, please return the top portion of page one of your statement with your check in the enclosed reply envelope. Write your account number on your check.

Returned Payment: There is a $30 fee, or the maximum allowed by law, for returned checks.